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The Last Unicorn

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LockMM: duh
LockMM: dur
LockMM: you're not paying attention to me!
LockMM: you dont luff me...
xforgotenxonex: Not Mark
LockMM: o
LockMM: who is this?
xforgotenxonex: He is in the living room watching Pirates of the Carribean
xforgotenxonex: MOM
LockMM: hello mom
xforgotenxonex: hello
xforgotenxonex: who is this
LockMM: michelle
LockMM: the love of mark's life
xforgotenxonex: hi michelle
LockMM: its nice to meet you
LockMM: sorry to bother
xforgotenxonex: I was going to name mark's sister michelle
xforgotenxonex: nice to meet you too no bother
xforgotenxonex: then i would have 3 children with the first names starting with m
LockMM: awww
xforgotenxonex: Michael Michelle and Mark
xforgotenxonex: but alas I named her Becky
LockMM: its alright, michelle is a name to live up too
LockMM: rebecca is more classic
xforgotenxonex: ha ha
xforgotenxonex: yeah she goes by Rebecca now that she's is grad school
LockMM: my mom wanted to name me mikayla
xforgotenxonex: we still call her becky
LockMM: and my dad wanted to name me london
xforgotenxonex: i like that it has a ethnic ring to it
LockMM: so they picked michelle, but michelle the french form of mikayle
xforgotenxonex: London huh??
LockMM: so my mom really won
xforgotenxonex: cool
xforgotenxonex: mom should win she carried you for 9 months
LockMM: yup and my sister was going to be cyanne
LockMM: but she ended up as alica
xforgotenxonex: dad just had fun putting you there ha ha
LockMM: hahaha
xforgotenxonex: yep now you know where mark gets his humor
LockMM: well, mom said she wanted to name me michelle for my dad's father
LockMM: no he doesnt
LockMM: you're actually funny
xforgotenxonex: i'm going to tellllllllllllllll
LockMM: tattle tale!
LockMM: ill deny it in the morning
xforgotenxonex: you're grandad??
xforgotenxonex: I've been called that before
LockMM: yup his name was loyld
xforgotenxonex: ok i'm not following
LockMM: his nickname during the war was Mike
xforgotenxonex: ohhhhhhhhhh
LockMM: yup
xforgotenxonex: how did they get Mike from Lloyd
LockMM: so we get to point c from point a via point b
LockMM: now thats a good question
xforgotenxonex: I've always like point b the best
xforgotenxonex: now why haven't you ever asked that question before
xforgotenxonex: b for bitchy that is hahahah
xforgotenxonex: a
LockMM: because my family is a bunch of storytellers
xforgotenxonex: liars?????
LockMM: and i dont have a day to give to a story
xforgotenxonex: oh
LockMM: we just like our tall tales!!!
xforgotenxonex: tall tales get in the way
xforgotenxonex: oops tails that is
LockMM: they make things more fun
LockMM: its alright, i wont tell
xforgotenxonex: good
xforgotenxonex: this is my mom\
xforgotenxonex: dammit
xforgotenxonex: he commandeered the key board
LockMM: does mark get his spelling from you? hes always correcting me
LockMM: awww split personalities!
xforgotenxonex: why of course I'm smart
xforgotenxonex: smarty pants that is
LockMM: does that mean you never wear jeans?
LockMM: always pants?
LockMM: if you were a skirt is it a medicore skirt?
LockMM: wear i mean
LockMM: o dear mark did away with you
xforgotenxonex: yep but I got it back
xforgotenxonex: i shooed him away
LockMM: yay!
xforgotenxonex: i only wear jean
LockMM: mom 1000 mark 0
xforgotenxonex: no skirts they are for sissies
LockMM: but youre a mom! moms wear dresses and aprons!
xforgotenxonex: not in this century
LockMM: yay for freedom!
LockMM: and the vote!
xforgotenxonex: i bring home the bacon fry it up in a pan and never never let my husband forget he's a man
xforgotenxonex: ok i'm probably dating myself with that one
xforgotenxonex: it was a commercial in the 70's
LockMM: do you take yourself out on dates?
LockMM: since you date yourself
xforgotenxonex: of course, i'm the only on worth dating
LockMM: haha punny
LockMM: you go mark's mom
xforgotenxonex: yeah and the vote too
xforgotenxonex: ok gotta go gotta get back to work
LockMM: i as well
xforgotenxonex: I'm invoicing customers so we can get some money
xforgotenxonex: byeeeeeeeeeeeeee
LockMM: i mean gotta go back to sex and the city then project runway
LockMM: bye mark's mom!
* * *
Too Sly For You: Hey
LockMM: hollar
Too Sly For You: what's up?
LockMM: my eye is inflected!
Too Sly For You: inflected?
LockMM: its red
Too Sly For You: what happened?
LockMM: i wear my contacts too often and theyre not letting my eyes breathe
LockMM: which means i have to wear my glasses for a few days
Too Sly For You: did you give your eyes their inhalers?
LockMM: which means i have to get up eariler everyday to do my hair so i dont look like complete crap
LockMM: yes i did
Too Sly For You: well i wanted to see what all you were up to
LockMM: eatting popcorn
LockMM: you?
LockMM: hows summer camp?
Too Sly For You: interesting
Too Sly For You: as expectecd
Too Sly For You: i was going to ask if you wanted to hang out but my aunt just called me and asked me to take her to the airport
Too Sly For You: she has to be there at 4 am tomorrow
Too Sly For You: i was like um wow Eola
Too Sly For You: that's really early
Too Sly For You: but she's giving me liquor
Too Sly For You: so i think at the end of the day it all pans out
LockMM: damn
LockMM: what kind of liquor?
Too Sly For You: not sure yet
Too Sly For You: but i know i get to pick
Too Sly For You: lol
LockMM: awesome
Too Sly For You: seriously i was just about to ask you when she called
Too Sly For You: that's so weird lol
LockMM: haha
Too Sly For You: Family
Too Sly For You: gotta love t hem
LockMM: you dont want to see me anyways with the red eye
Too Sly For You: actually
Too Sly For You: yeah i do
Too Sly For You: I really do
Too Sly For You: I want to see if it's as gross as you make it sound lol
Too Sly For You: well what are you doing tomorrow?
LockMM: like i was with my friend when he noticed it....i was hoping it was something exciting like i popped a blood vessel due to an orgasim
LockMM: work
LockMM: sorry dude
Too Sly For You: but what time are you off of work?
Too Sly For You: midnight?
Too Sly For You: 9?
Too Sly For You: ...3?
Too Sly For You: 4:45?
Too Sly For You: i'm just shooting out random times here
Too Sly For You: feel free to stop me whenever
LockMM: stop haha
LockMM: i get off at 7:30
Too Sly For You: i told my aunt i might go back to her place or my other aunts place and fall asleep though
Too Sly For You: cuz um that's REALLY early to be getting up
LockMM: tis alright
Too Sly For You: 7:30...that's so early
LockMM: dude yea
Too Sly For You: we could...do...something
LockMM: i didnt even konw four was a time to get up....i stayed up to it once
Too Sly For You: yeah four is a crappy time to get up
LockMM: dude you ingored my sex story!
Too Sly For You: oh sorry lmao
Too Sly For You: i thought that was a metaphor
LockMM: no it was true!
Too Sly For You: oh
Too Sly For You: lmao well thats just funny then
LockMM: it was nice....do our business in a park on a blanket, underneath a bunch of trees while a lightning storm was going on....
Too Sly For You: that sounds scary to me lol
Too Sly For You: but *cough* very romantic
LockMM: and when its all done he turned to me and said what the fuck is worng with your eye!
LockMM: haha
Too Sly For You: maybe it was the rain
Too Sly For You: or maybe....God is punishing you
Too Sly For You: for your dirty deed
Too Sly For You: ...I like that last one
LockMM: probably...cause it wasnt raining
Too Sly For You: oh wait God just called me
Too Sly For You: he said that was totally the reason why
LockMM: but i was calling to him during it
LockMM: oh god oh god and he never answered
Too Sly For You: Oh that just pissed him off even more
LockMM: o ok
LockMM: i told him i was coming as well....do you think he knows i meant for dinner?
Too Sly For You: well if you did say that and you never showed up to dinner....
Too Sly For You: i'm sure he was even angrier
LockMM: well, i got held up there was a cock block i mean road block
Too Sly For You: *cough*
LockMM: whatever, it was good
LockMM: later
Too Sly For You: oh i was still walking around putting on my clothes
Too Sly For You: but yes yes....bye, I'll ttyl, yes? yes...yes in deed
LockMM: indeed
* * *
Falling Apart
Trust Company

I slipped away
further from you
trying to find what is real,
Youre somebody else
that I never knew,
and someone that I cant feel.

I shove it away
I keep it in me.
Is this what it takes to keep me alive?
So you take me and you break me,
and you see Im falling apart.
Complicate me and forsake me,
you push me out so far,
theres no more feeling.

I slipped away
closer to me
the only thing that is real.
Im falling behind
but now I can see
your absence helps me heal.

I shove it away
I keep it in me.
Is this what it takes to keep me alive?
So you take me and you break me,
and you see Im falling apart.
Complicate me and forsake me,
you push me out so far,
theres no more feeling.

Spread, Spread out.

So you take me and you break me,
and you see Im falling apart.
Complicate me and forsake me,
you push me out so far.
And you take me and you break me,
and you see Im falling apart.
Theres no more feeling.
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confused Wanting
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Falling Apart by Trust Company
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So I haven't had a day off from work for the past two weeks....thats nine to five everyday....

I've been up at the claire's club this past week because their manager is on vaction and a manager always needs to be there. On Monday I got time and a half...$12 an hour makes me happy.

Tonight I hit over time. I was suppose to get off work at five but the other Claire's Club manager that was suppose to relive me got into a car accident. The other other girl at work was my sales assoicate, who was only 16...you have to be 18 to close the store and you can't work there by yourself. So I got stuck pulling a double shift...On the plus side I hit overtime.

Still for chornic fatigue girl, doing 40+ hours a week every week plus three hourse of night class twice a week is starting to catch up...I'm a little worry that i'm going to burn out before school starts...le sigh...

On the plus side, I might be traveling to the mountains in Mid-July to vist casa de Cadance. In addition, I get the house to my house one weekend this month...house party prehaps?

I think I shall go past out now....my inosamia is kicking off again...
* * *
Too Sly For You: Are you hoooome?
LockMM: yes ma'ma
Auto response from Too Sly For You: Back from Jersey. Do you know you have to pay to go to the beach in Jersey? They should be happy people are going to Jersey!
Too Sly For You: yay!
LockMM: lol i love tht away message
Too Sly For You: I live in Purcellville now
Too Sly For You: isn't that exciting?
Too Sly For You: isn't that so retarded though? i was like seriously i can't believe i have to pay to get on the beach
LockMM: you like live in a new place every time i talk to you
Too Sly For You: that is so retarded
LockMM: haha
Too Sly For You: no i don't lol
Too Sly For You: i lived in my other house for what...6 years or something
LockMM: i need to go to a party and get retarded yo
Too Sly For You: oh man those sound like words from heaven
LockMM: there is a little Hell in Michelle bioych
Too Sly For You: really? wicked
LockMM: haha its in the name yo
LockMM: whats new?
Too Sly For You: um let's see i went to jersey with a friend for memorial day...and we hung out w/ people n' stuff
Too Sly For You: partied and whatever
Too Sly For You: and now i'm sitting on my bed thinking about how hungry i am
Too Sly For You: but there's only one place in pville to eat this late lol
LockMM: mcdonalds?
Too Sly For You: yes
Too Sly For You: lol
LockMM: if you stay up late enough you can get an egg mcmuffin
LockMM: that sounds pretty good right now
Too Sly For You: i had mc donalds for breakfast this morning
Too Sly For You: and i didn't even have to buy it lol
LockMM: what did you have to do for it? :wink:
Too Sly For You: nothing actually
Too Sly For You: crazy huh?
Too Sly For You: it's more like what did my friend have to do for it
Too Sly For You: where teh guy got us both breakfast lol
LockMM: i need to find me some of those guys lol
Too Sly For You: go to tech, they're all male whores there
Too Sly For You: it's ridiculous
LockMM: mmm and me being a slut this can only be win win!
Too Sly For You: for the guy sure lol
LockMM: as long as i get my egg mcmuffin
Too Sly For You: you know
Too Sly For You: they're not that expensive
Too Sly For You: lol
LockMM: then front me three dollars lol
Too Sly For You: dude
Too Sly For You: that's a lot of cash
Too Sly For You: lol
LockMM: exactly
LockMM: you can be my pimp
Too Sly For You: oh sweet
* * *
* * *
First the Big News: I got a job!
I have set the bar for myself: this summer I must raise $5000 dollars. It breaks down like this:
Money StuffCollapse )
Then I set out this morning to find a job. First store I walked into: The Icing. Next thing I walk out with? An Assiant Manager job, 40 hours a week, about $10 an hour maybe more. And she is willing to let me work weekends through out the school year and have me work breaks. If I work some weekends, that means I don't need all of the $5000 right now. I still want to get it, cause I like to hit my goals. But now I striving for my goal for fun and I'm not stressed out.

Second News: Summer Class
Not as fun as the work (I like to work, I just hate getting up to go to work). Anyways, I've decided to take my last two Spanishs at NOVA. All I have to do is get an override, but right now, I'm feeling pretty lucky. Also, I know my AST friend Lauren will be in the class (I believe...she lives in Centerville...I think Loudoun is the closest campus). Anyways, not exciting just news.



In my haste to organize my room, I started making lists of books I own. I keep track of them at http://bibliophil.org/default.php . Not the most high tech. site but a very helpful one. Anyways, while listing my books that I owned, I saw that I owned over 125 books (and we're talking really over cause I didn't count my Baby-sitters Club, Sweet Valleys, etc that I have). However, out of all these books, I have about 60 or so that I have never read. So this summer is me trying to read as many of my books as possible between The Icing, Spanish, and free movies with Kyle (tee hee).

Anyways, I doubt anyone cares about what I read or don't read or what I think about what I read. Nor do I think a lot of people on my Friends List would even like my taste in reading (I doubt Mark is dying to read the Notebook). But I like to write reviews of things and if I want to do it for a living, might as well as pratice now!

List of My Books That I Haven't ReadCollapse )

Of course, we all know I can't stick to this. The whole point of the list is not to buy anymore books until I read the ones I have...well I didn't buy anymore books. But I go to this fab place called a libery and checked out books. So fun goal, read all these books before their due date: May 31st.

The Perfect Distance
Girl 15, charming but insane
The Used-to-be IT girl
Pop Princess
The Poisonwood Bible
(my second attempt!)

Plus I must finsh up the two I'm currently reading: The Notebook Girls and the Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

O well!

DZ Love and Mine!
KM 535
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excited excited
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1.I'm afraid of sharks. I can't even look at pictures of them.
2.I prefer to be by myself at parties and watch people interact
3.I trained to ride horses in the Olympias...I was going to go into jumpers
4.my back is crocked by 3 degrees...it use to be 7 but i wore a brace for a year. my mom had it removed so i didnt wear it for the second year
5.because of the brace i spend a year being taken care of...i couldn't move
6.i'm a very independent person
7.i can not stand to be called retarded and have punched people...ok i got other people to punch them
8.i rarely lie but when i do its really good
9.i was always a sickly person...currently i have an illness that may go into remission one day
10.it is hard for me to hate anyone and for me to find the bad in someone
11.i prefer to snack through out the day rather than eat big meals
12.i was enaged
13.each new guy in my life is different from the last by a complete 180
14.i bored easily
15.i like to daydream stories in my head about what my friends are up too
16.Wal-Mart is one of my favorite stores...i even buy clothing there
17.I want to be an editor of a fashion magazine
18.I want two daugthers, their names will be Skylar Marie and Laural Ann
19.One of my nannies growing up was a Lakota and she would take me to her house on the reserve. my great grandmother was a Lakota and i enjoy learning about native american studies
20.I have to pet dreams: a camp for siblings of special needs children to go to and met other children like them and I want to open an Equine rescue league
21.I always smell good. I have the best hygenie ever
22.people say i should be a business woman. im more creative than others give me credit for
23.i will drop anything to help someone out
24.i prefer quiet bars to loud night clubs
25.i can't sing but i enjoy singing and i do it anyways
26.I am a Delta Zeta and my Kappa Mu is 535. there have been 27 girls after me
27.i want to swim with dolphins
28.im empathic...i can always sense when something is wrong i just dont know how to deal with it
29.i am very self aware of myself and my flaws...i just have no idea how to go about fixing them

* * *
1.Your Full Name:
2. Age:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song:
6. Favorite Band:
7. Kinky or Clean:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:

HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...

1. Do we know each other outside of LJ/facebook?

2. What song reminds you of me?

3. Would you have my back in a fight?

4. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?

5. What is your favorite memory of us?

6. Have we ever been drunk/stoned together?

7.Would you do me?

8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you:

9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?

10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?

11. Have you heard any rumors of me lately?

12. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?

13. Do you think I'm a good person?

14. Would you drive across country with me?

15. Do you think I'm attractive?

16. Are there ever times when you want to call me but don't?

17. If you could change anything about me, would you? what would it be?

18. What is the best advice you can give me?

19.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?

20. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
* * *
LockMM: i heart you
xforgotenxonex: you would heart me
xforgotenxonex: and cats
xforgotenxonex: hearting cats is evil
LockMM: mew
LockMM: meow
LockMM: mew
xforgotenxonex: :'cries of pain!':
LockMM: kitty hearts you!
xforgotenxonex: oh, i'll kick that kitty
xforgotenxonex: bam pow, straight to the moon!
LockMM: you would lick my pussy
LockMM: o i thought you said lick not kick
xforgotenxonex: ...
xforgotenxonex: yah
xforgotenxonex: that was awkward
xforgotenxonex: and i got moist
xforgotenxonex: =)
LockMM: let us never speak of it again
xforgotenxonex: yes
LockMM: haha...moist
xforgotenxonex: or POW! right in the kisser!
LockMM: remember that time i told you to lick my pussy
LockMM: that was funny
xforgotenxonex: haha
xforgotenxonex: that was like five minutes ago!
LockMM: when did i teach you to tell time?
* * *
I shall eventually write about this past weekend as well as post because it was AWESOME!

And Mark will write about it too, cause he had fun and he should write about times where he has fun!

* * *
* * *